Monday, 16 July 2012

so much for a MONDAY o_O ?

Hye people. Today is freaky Monday. A real busy, hectic and traumatic one. Wuuuu, ayat mantap. Hahaha. Monday’s blue is a must , with a small panda eyes, and strong will i walk down the stairways of heaven to the faculty. Got several probs today. And yeah a really disappointing quiz  2 mark for math.  Salah tengok nombor. 2 jadik 3 , and everthing is over. Hmm hmm hmm. But sokay la. I’ve become more closer with matrices. Hehehe.

Hari nie berakhir dengan traumatic event. Kunci rumah hilang. Im fine if xde kunci bilik. But kunci locker macam mane???  What will happen to the abundance supply of food kat dalam locker tu.and most important, nak pakai baju ape nanti -.- so, ulang alek carik kunci. Housemates pond a risau. Tp still saye buat muke coooooooools ‘SANGAT’ , telefon mentor and so on.  Then miracle happened. Found my key with that big pink heart keychain . dalam plastic makanan o_O me so curious. Rasenye xpegang langsung kunci tu. But then, bersyukur jek lah. And cakap dalam hati , “kerashnye palam ni” hehehe. Sebenarnye sangat bersyukur. So moral of the story, jage harte bende elok2 k.

Sebenarnye , sekarang nie kena buat mastery online , but me so blur. Unique id pown xtaw. Hehe. So esok jek la k. DUE DATE CHEMIST , ari jumaat nie and DUE DATE PHYSICS 29/7. Remind me k? *macam ramai jek bace blog tah pape nie.hehe*

Oh and sorry for the inconvenient header there. Nampak sangat annoying. Don’t have time to make a new one. So please bear with it. thanx k.

p/s : read kak mira’s blog in the lecture hall *before the lecture start. Hehe* , so happy for both of them. Hope they will be happily together till the end. Really wanna be like them. But not all of us, get that opportunity . sooner or later, InsyaALLAH =D

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