Saturday, 28 July 2012

hari terseksa satu puncak alam ;'(

Yesterday, 28/7 , was the most exhausted day ever. Hari yg paling terseksa sepanjang berada di puncak alam. Lets begin with our imagination k people.

Last day, with insufficient hour of sleep due to the phy and chem. Test revision,  i have to keep myself awake from 5 am till the very end of the test. After THE CLIMB at stairways of heaven,  im waiting for rapid kl at the bus stand. Alone. Spell it right. ALONE.WITH. NO. CREDIT. The worst kan? I have to borrow sape2 punye phone tah. Then, the first bus came FILLED with people! Sea of people! Hyperbola gile. Hehehe. The second bus came, full again. Then, i walked with my new friend i met at the bus stand, to ANGSANA bus stand. Under the ‘shining’ sun, i’ve waited AGAIN. And after almost 3 hours, the waiting end. But the new incident came to happened.

Tha bus driver is so damn annoying. He stop in front of the boys who wait for just few minutes compared to us who have waited like crazy. Terpakse bertolak2 . guys pown xgentle langsung. And finally , im the last few one who managed to get on the bus. If it is not for my ticket bus to johor, there’s no way i will do this thing again.

Classmate saye, shira, Nampak risau gile tgk muke saye. Dye cakap da pucat gile, macam nk pengsan. Hehe. How come i don’t become pale. Panas2, penat2, lapar2, dan lain2. Hmm hmm hmm.

But i still feel blessed for today. Nothing bad happend to me. And the time when  i want to get back to college, i don’t have to wait too long for the bus. Hehe.

Oh, had bought the tickets for me myself, nana the classmate, and shera. Alhamdulillah saye akan beraye di johor nanti. Miss my johor so much :D

while waiting. the scene will always be the best :)

my fresh air kelapa finally. after minum air kelape yg rase mcm air masak. finally hehe COMEL kan mug saye :D

motif gambar : menunjukkan kepenatan yg sudah terang lagi bersuluh. hehehe

P/s:  nothings compares, no worries or care, regret and mistakes they memory made, who have known this bittersweet it will taste #np :')

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