Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Distance isn’t the problem , communication is =)

When distance become the subject, everyone is anxious . distance can strengthen the relationship with your partner but often it is the reason the relationship fall apart.

As for me, for this few months i guess, distance isn’t the problem. The communication is. Sometime we seek much more attention from our partner just to be secure. Sometime we acted childish to make our partner spend more time with us. Nothing’s wrong with that.

The problem occur when we don’t want to understand each other. The pack schedule, problems , issues and etc.  Thus, in order for the relationship to be healthy, we must have the right way of communication. we can pour out all our problems and emotion to our partner. That’s what i do almost every night with my dear one and “MOMMY”. Hehe. Pour our problems , BUT don’t pass out our anger and frustration towards our partner. No matter what the reason is, don’t make our partner as a victim . feeling abused isn’t it? hehehe. AND use the right tone, okeyh?

I love “HEY DELILAH” song by plain white t’s . i guess its a true story . the story about the long distance relationship  =) listen to the song and the lyrics. Its beautiful. Im singing it while writing this short essay. Hehe.

p/s : the longer the waiting, the more it worth :)

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