Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hada Labo Review~!

Hello Guys.

Here goes product review for today ^^ I've been wandering around searching for a perfect skincare for me. And finally i've found it! after several days doing my research about Hada Labo. Terbuka hati ni nak guna! As far as I concern, as a student , its a lil bit pricey. But from the review of others, it can last foreverrrrrrrrrr~ 

Went to watson, going through all the beauty product ( rambang mata o.o), and finally found my precious HL. They got a pack of HL face wash and toner (moisturizer or whitening series ) for RM 65++ . I want to grab those but for a starter i got myself a trial set consist of face wash , lotion, and milk from whitening set, only RM 19.90 . "One Drop Lights up Your Skin" =)

Its been only a day, but frankly , i think im in love with this product. My face doesnt become porcelain smooth in a day but i do believe in HL. My first time using the face wash, what i concern about is it doesnt make my face feel tight (as i hate that feeling) . It feels natural, soft and more importantly it feels clean. 

Next step in skin care is toner. In Japan , instead of toner , they call it lotion. It is stated on the box, that this step is the most important step. Just 3,4 drops on your palm ( doesnt need cotton pad, EASIER) and pat onto your skin. Pat , pat and pat until your skin doesnt feel sticky anymore. 

Then, i used the whitening milk. This one is thicker that the lotion but it doesnt make my face become oily. Use it the same way as the lotion. And that's all for this trial kit i bought. 

It just only a day but Im loving it . The trial kit is so small, and if i decided to buy the bigger pack of HL (which i am sure i will) , I'll wrote my review again. Till then =)

p/s: watch how to use hada labo lotion HERE . I repeat the Hado Labo part 3 time i guess. Its cute ^^