Saturday, 28 July 2012

missing you ;')

 At puncak alam (picture above) ,  i'm missing mak ayah ;

and i do miss my baby boy yg paling gemok di dunia , zharif zakaria ;

and secretly missing my annoying sisters, azyyati atiqah zakaria and aisyah syahirah zakaria ;

 im missing mohd syazwan yusop aka the boyfriend so so so much ;

i miss maktok and bak too but unfortunately i dont have their pic on the new baby white phone. 
and my bff ;
me, waheeda, afrina, daya and  radin :)

last but not least , i miss my super manje bubu baby. urghh!cant find his pic in the lappy ;(

p/s ; missing them each day getting easier bcause i know im getting home this raye! yeay! hip hip hoorey for me people :P

hari terseksa satu puncak alam ;'(

Yesterday, 28/7 , was the most exhausted day ever. Hari yg paling terseksa sepanjang berada di puncak alam. Lets begin with our imagination k people.

Last day, with insufficient hour of sleep due to the phy and chem. Test revision,  i have to keep myself awake from 5 am till the very end of the test. After THE CLIMB at stairways of heaven,  im waiting for rapid kl at the bus stand. Alone. Spell it right. ALONE.WITH. NO. CREDIT. The worst kan? I have to borrow sape2 punye phone tah. Then, the first bus came FILLED with people! Sea of people! Hyperbola gile. Hehehe. The second bus came, full again. Then, i walked with my new friend i met at the bus stand, to ANGSANA bus stand. Under the ‘shining’ sun, i’ve waited AGAIN. And after almost 3 hours, the waiting end. But the new incident came to happened.

Tha bus driver is so damn annoying. He stop in front of the boys who wait for just few minutes compared to us who have waited like crazy. Terpakse bertolak2 . guys pown xgentle langsung. And finally , im the last few one who managed to get on the bus. If it is not for my ticket bus to johor, there’s no way i will do this thing again.

Classmate saye, shira, Nampak risau gile tgk muke saye. Dye cakap da pucat gile, macam nk pengsan. Hehe. How come i don’t become pale. Panas2, penat2, lapar2, dan lain2. Hmm hmm hmm.

But i still feel blessed for today. Nothing bad happend to me. And the time when  i want to get back to college, i don’t have to wait too long for the bus. Hehe.

Oh, had bought the tickets for me myself, nana the classmate, and shera. Alhamdulillah saye akan beraye di johor nanti. Miss my johor so much :D

while waiting. the scene will always be the best :)

my fresh air kelapa finally. after minum air kelape yg rase mcm air masak. finally hehe COMEL kan mug saye :D

motif gambar : menunjukkan kepenatan yg sudah terang lagi bersuluh. hehehe

P/s:  nothings compares, no worries or care, regret and mistakes they memory made, who have known this bittersweet it will taste #np :')

Thursday, 26 July 2012

not worth reading entry

Hye and assalamualaikum. Several days off from blogging.  Today is weird. I don’t know why. I don’t even know how to start this entry. Muke merah paling banyak hari ni. Malu, sedeyh, marah, frust, ketawe. But still, there’s something off today. Don’t know what. Just feel so suffocated .

Perasaan bercampur baur. The most important thing i know is that, im disappointed with myself.

p/s: just be patient, that day will come ;’)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

MY MATRIX CARD. -muke leper-

i got this yesterday , but forgot to update it here. SO, this is my first matrix card. big applause please? hehe. thats what u got when u r tired of waiting to take the picture. mane xpenat, dkt 2 jam tunggu. bangun duduk bangun duduk -.- but the picture is quite 'okay' i guess. hehehe.

p/s : ade classmatesssssss cakap gambar i cantek. *PAKAI SPEC BULATKAN MATE TENGOK BETOL2* hahaha

Distance isn’t the problem , communication is =)

When distance become the subject, everyone is anxious . distance can strengthen the relationship with your partner but often it is the reason the relationship fall apart.

As for me, for this few months i guess, distance isn’t the problem. The communication is. Sometime we seek much more attention from our partner just to be secure. Sometime we acted childish to make our partner spend more time with us. Nothing’s wrong with that.

The problem occur when we don’t want to understand each other. The pack schedule, problems , issues and etc.  Thus, in order for the relationship to be healthy, we must have the right way of communication. we can pour out all our problems and emotion to our partner. That’s what i do almost every night with my dear one and “MOMMY”. Hehe. Pour our problems , BUT don’t pass out our anger and frustration towards our partner. No matter what the reason is, don’t make our partner as a victim . feeling abused isn’t it? hehehe. AND use the right tone, okeyh?

I love “HEY DELILAH” song by plain white t’s . i guess its a true story . the story about the long distance relationship  =) listen to the song and the lyrics. Its beautiful. Im singing it while writing this short essay. Hehe.

p/s : the longer the waiting, the more it worth :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

bright sky?

Hye and assalamualaikum. Macam mane hari nie? My life is very peaceful today even if the schedule is a bit pack. But i do like today. Don’t have a very solid and concrete reason. Hehe. Maybe i don’t encounter any unfortunate event or having a critical problem. So i feel really blessed for today. Alhamdulillah.

Oh, there is a booth open at FF 2. Kinohimitsu booth. AWW! EXCITED GILE. So i went there with my 2 annoying besties *KOT.haha* there are several product sold. Beauty drinks, collagen, for brighter eyes, calming effect and natural detox. A bottle for 2 ringgit. Murah gile kan?? Ke saye sorang rase murah.
Dulu survey harge kat guardian ke Watson , sume about rm 80 and above. Maybe some questioned how the price is so low compared to the market price. The answer is these product is taken directly from the factory and there is a student price of course. So the price is really really really cheap.

Due to the cheap price i decided to buy some. Between the beauty drink and eye care , i chose beauty drink. Awwww. Hehe. So by SOME here , i mean 2o bottles of beauty drink and i bottle of detox. So there goes my money for a week food. Hehe. Please don’t tell mak, if not, my allowance for this month will be cut off -,-

They say the effect will shown after 6 days, want to give it a shot badly. But due to some PERSONAL THING, have to postpone consuming it -.- so after several days , baru minum benda tu. But this drink , have to be consume regularly, but but but , as a student, the market price is not-so-affordable. I’ll find a way. There’s thousand ways in every difficulty. Chewah! Hehe.
Oh, patotnye kena buat mastering, BUT STILL CHEMIST XBOLEH BUKAK. Sedangkan due datenye hari JUMAAT NIE. So plan nak try bukak kat wumah najihah. Hope dapat la buat . wish me lucks with my tons of assignment, revision and homework =)

p/s ; a lot of things to tell him. Really miss him. Nomu nomu nomu! :)

Monday, 16 July 2012


so much for a MONDAY o_O ?

Hye people. Today is freaky Monday. A real busy, hectic and traumatic one. Wuuuu, ayat mantap. Hahaha. Monday’s blue is a must , with a small panda eyes, and strong will i walk down the stairways of heaven to the faculty. Got several probs today. And yeah a really disappointing quiz  2 mark for math.  Salah tengok nombor. 2 jadik 3 , and everthing is over. Hmm hmm hmm. But sokay la. I’ve become more closer with matrices. Hehehe.

Hari nie berakhir dengan traumatic event. Kunci rumah hilang. Im fine if xde kunci bilik. But kunci locker macam mane???  What will happen to the abundance supply of food kat dalam locker tu.and most important, nak pakai baju ape nanti -.- so, ulang alek carik kunci. Housemates pond a risau. Tp still saye buat muke coooooooools ‘SANGAT’ , telefon mentor and so on.  Then miracle happened. Found my key with that big pink heart keychain . dalam plastic makanan o_O me so curious. Rasenye xpegang langsung kunci tu. But then, bersyukur jek lah. And cakap dalam hati , “kerashnye palam ni” hehehe. Sebenarnye sangat bersyukur. So moral of the story, jage harte bende elok2 k.

Sebenarnye , sekarang nie kena buat mastery online , but me so blur. Unique id pown xtaw. Hehe. So esok jek la k. DUE DATE CHEMIST , ari jumaat nie and DUE DATE PHYSICS 29/7. Remind me k? *macam ramai jek bace blog tah pape nie.hehe*

Oh and sorry for the inconvenient header there. Nampak sangat annoying. Don’t have time to make a new one. So please bear with it. thanx k.

p/s : read kak mira’s blog in the lecture hall *before the lecture start. Hehe* , so happy for both of them. Hope they will be happily together till the end. Really wanna be like them. But not all of us, get that opportunity . sooner or later, InsyaALLAH =D

Thursday, 5 July 2012

the new begining of the new life :)

Assalamualaikum. This is the very fisrt time i write something in this lovely blog after several months . there are several reasons why i decided to start blogging back. Here’s two of the reasons :

1.  I am extremely in need to pour everything out from my chest. Hardly breath now.
2.  i want to write down all my memories. As memories is awesomely precious.

So , for the beginning, lets get into the real business. Being alone here, in puncak alam, is one of hardest things to do. Not trying to gain any sympathy, its the reality. The last daughter in le family, the one who never go to boarding school, the one who never leave home, the one who always beside her family, being alone far away from everyone , its suck.

Yes, i have friendssss. Lots. And i eventually found my new-bestfriend-to-be. Yup, they aren’t the same as my BFF, but at least , here, i have them to share something and laugh at everything.  They are sometime annoying, but i kindly love them. *hope they cant find my twitter and blog.hehehe*

Despite of that, i have some serious issues to handle regarding my core subject. Especially MR PHY093. Now we are current at chapter 6 , and i cant hardly understand anything. My brain seem wont cooperate with me about physics. Catch up of this subject is a must this short weekend. Oh, next week is phy quiz. And i hope there’s still time to catch up with everything J

Forget about physics and lets talk bout chemistry , biology and mathematics. Seriously, i love biology. I can spend hours on it. and i love my bio tutor. Hehe. Chemistry is the subject where everyone become wild and free. Hehe. Miss Faiezah, my mentor is my lecturer and tutor. So i don’t have any problem to ask her any question. So i guess, chemistry will be my bestfriend. And as for mathematics, i found it kinda interesting and more nice than phy. Hehe. Gonna work up as early as now for test one. Wish me luck :D

Oh, regarding the KPT allowance, KPT is really janji melayu. It was supposed to be out at 5 o’clock this evening. but no one really get it.  -.-

That’s all for this long day, im going to sleep and will spent my time watching K-drama tomorrow after class :P

p/s ; jimat cermat amalan mulia. hehehe