Tuesday, 17 July 2012

bright sky?

Hye and assalamualaikum. Macam mane hari nie? My life is very peaceful today even if the schedule is a bit pack. But i do like today. Don’t have a very solid and concrete reason. Hehe. Maybe i don’t encounter any unfortunate event or having a critical problem. So i feel really blessed for today. Alhamdulillah.

Oh, there is a booth open at FF 2. Kinohimitsu booth. AWW! EXCITED GILE. So i went there with my 2 annoying besties *KOT.haha* there are several product sold. Beauty drinks, collagen, for brighter eyes, calming effect and natural detox. A bottle for 2 ringgit. Murah gile kan?? Ke saye sorang rase murah.
Dulu survey harge kat guardian ke Watson , sume about rm 80 and above. Maybe some questioned how the price is so low compared to the market price. The answer is these product is taken directly from the factory and there is a student price of course. So the price is really really really cheap.

Due to the cheap price i decided to buy some. Between the beauty drink and eye care , i chose beauty drink. Awwww. Hehe. So by SOME here , i mean 2o bottles of beauty drink and i bottle of detox. So there goes my money for a week food. Hehe. Please don’t tell mak, if not, my allowance for this month will be cut off -,-

They say the effect will shown after 6 days, want to give it a shot badly. But due to some PERSONAL THING, have to postpone consuming it -.- so after several days , baru minum benda tu. But this drink , have to be consume regularly, but but but , as a student, the market price is not-so-affordable. I’ll find a way. There’s thousand ways in every difficulty. Chewah! Hehe.
Oh, patotnye kena buat mastering, BUT STILL CHEMIST XBOLEH BUKAK. Sedangkan due datenye hari JUMAAT NIE. So plan nak try bukak kat wumah najihah. Hope dapat la buat . wish me lucks with my tons of assignment, revision and homework =)

p/s ; a lot of things to tell him. Really miss him. Nomu nomu nomu! :)

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