Thursday, 5 July 2012

the new begining of the new life :)

Assalamualaikum. This is the very fisrt time i write something in this lovely blog after several months . there are several reasons why i decided to start blogging back. Here’s two of the reasons :

1.  I am extremely in need to pour everything out from my chest. Hardly breath now.
2.  i want to write down all my memories. As memories is awesomely precious.

So , for the beginning, lets get into the real business. Being alone here, in puncak alam, is one of hardest things to do. Not trying to gain any sympathy, its the reality. The last daughter in le family, the one who never go to boarding school, the one who never leave home, the one who always beside her family, being alone far away from everyone , its suck.

Yes, i have friendssss. Lots. And i eventually found my new-bestfriend-to-be. Yup, they aren’t the same as my BFF, but at least , here, i have them to share something and laugh at everything.  They are sometime annoying, but i kindly love them. *hope they cant find my twitter and blog.hehehe*

Despite of that, i have some serious issues to handle regarding my core subject. Especially MR PHY093. Now we are current at chapter 6 , and i cant hardly understand anything. My brain seem wont cooperate with me about physics. Catch up of this subject is a must this short weekend. Oh, next week is phy quiz. And i hope there’s still time to catch up with everything J

Forget about physics and lets talk bout chemistry , biology and mathematics. Seriously, i love biology. I can spend hours on it. and i love my bio tutor. Hehe. Chemistry is the subject where everyone become wild and free. Hehe. Miss Faiezah, my mentor is my lecturer and tutor. So i don’t have any problem to ask her any question. So i guess, chemistry will be my bestfriend. And as for mathematics, i found it kinda interesting and more nice than phy. Hehe. Gonna work up as early as now for test one. Wish me luck :D

Oh, regarding the KPT allowance, KPT is really janji melayu. It was supposed to be out at 5 o’clock this evening. but no one really get it.  -.-

That’s all for this long day, im going to sleep and will spent my time watching K-drama tomorrow after class :P

p/s ; jimat cermat amalan mulia. hehehe

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