Saturday, 6 July 2013

Throwback. Days in UITM Puncak Alam :)


Hello Guys. Today i feel so nostalgic. lets recalled the memories I had there. FYI, I was studying in UITM Puncak Alam Batch 2012/2013. Saya merupakan ex-pelajar asasi sains Palam (nickname puncak alam :p) Its been months i finished my study, and to tell the truth, i miss my life there. 

Kampus Puncak Alam is a new campus dan kediamannya sangat selesa. Satu rumah , 4 bilik, setiap bilik dua orang. Ada ruang tamu, bilik air, internet. It was comfortable enough for me to stay there. I was the resident of R1507 XD

The very first day of my lecture, i've several difficulties. Guess what? saya sesat! on the first class. A-L-O-N-E and Lost! masa tu mana ada kawan, tak kenal sape-sape and serious pemalu. ulang-alik jalan yang same, berpeluh-peluh sampai lah jumpa a girl yang same lecture hall with the same name as me, Amalyna. Thank God, i was saved:! (^.^) 

That was the day i met my best friend, Najihah Shariffudin. Jumpa, berkenal-kenalan and terus save no fon -najihah c7 . haha C7 was my group there. consist of girlsssssssss and 9 guys. Asasi Sains memang ramai gegirl dari lelaki t.t Soon enough , i met another set of us, Zulaikha Rozman. It was that moment, our Trio (Tollaly spies, Charlie's Angel, tah pape lagi budak2 nie panggil)  formed. 

We annoy each other, laugh at each other, but i know we love each other a lot. we just hardly show it hehe. They were my best friend, a set that completed me there. where i have no one to rely on, i have them. I still remember the day i have gastric, came to class , crying. Najihah wiped my tears and Zulaikha comforted me.  Remember when someone being mean with me, and they back me up. When ayah been admitted to ICU, they rent a car and sent me off. They tell the lecturers, and support me. I may be not the best of friend you have, but i really hope, the memories we created through good and bad , you'll never forget. Harap dapat U sama, dapat jumpa lagi, Sahabat hingga ke akhirnya, InsyaAllah :D

Mula-mula kenal t.t (INI SEMUA POYO! haha)

Trip ke Port Dickson XD
The last day of the last sem :l
Last ! Nampak kan keBESARan Uitm ni. Nampak kan Stairways of heaven Puncak Alam
 (laluan harian semua pelajar t.t)

P/S : sorry readers, ini entry luahan perasaan sobsob o.o

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