Saturday, 4 August 2012

Dont take people for granted :)

Hye people. Random entry for today. Another meaning behind this entry is be grateful for what you have.

People always want what they didn’t have and tend to forget what they fortunately have. Thats normal for us. Human. We always take granted the people who deserve our most gratitude.

Simple example. Our parent. The one who give their all for our happiness. But still, they are the one who will always get hurt with our words and attitude. And when the time comes, we will only be left with thousands of regret. So value your parent. There will never be another them. Love them, and cherish every moment with them. For me, this is the very first time im away from my mak ayah, and its really the hardest thing to do. And missing them is a must everyday . remember this, bila tertutupnya mata seorang ibu, hilanglah satu keberkatan dalam diri kita iaitu doa seorang ibu ;’) so be a good children to your parent, araso? Hehe

Next example is our girlfriend or boyfriend. The situation is when we are too confident with our relay until we forgot how to treat them right. A lil too much faith is not good. We start to yell at each other, getting mad for nothing, start a silly fight over random things, start to look for another person, start to flirt, start to liking liking poking poking. Hahahha *puke* yeah right, we are too confident that our partner will love us still despite everything we do. But bear this in mind, don’t ever take people for granted. No matter how much they love you. People get tired eventually.

Another example is , we hate school until we know how university looks like. Hahaha. Trust me, school is absolutely without doubt is much fun than uni life :P

Enough with the examples, my brain wont cooperate anymore and my language is getting worst. Don’t bash me please, im trying my best to write according to correct grammar. Hehe. So people, all in all, be grateful for what we have even if it doesn’t meet our expectation. There is always a reason behind everything.

p/s : people say you never knew what you’ve got until its gone. The truth is you knew what you had, you never thought you’d lose it ;’)

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