Sunday, 5 August 2012

craving for food ^^

hye peeps ! this entry is written by someone who loves eating so much. frankly, im that type of person who eats like a monster but hardly gain any weight. but this is me. im enjoy being this way. i dont have to worry about my weight or becoming fat. Alhamdulillah. hehe. still, when people see me at bazar with handful of plastic bags, i feel quite shy. rase nak jadik invisible kejap. they kept saying me 'kembang' regardless how slim i am. haha.  >.<

so, lets see some of the food im craving for .

1. nasi minyak. not the usual one. but this is the special one made by my gorgeous mak !

2. nasi dagang. rasenye dah forever nak makan nasik nie -.-

3. spaghetti bolognaise cheese. ohhhh the best.

4. macaroni prawn cheese SR will always make me happy. esp with treat. hehehe

5.  laksa johor. seriously all time fav. dari kecik lagi :D

6. oreo cheese cake SR nyum nyum :)

7.nasi pattaya :*

8. gulai tempoyak ikan patin cook by ayah is the best :D

9. subway sandwiches wooowooo.

10. lontong **mood raye on**

p/s: johor food will always be the best. especially mak's. i will eat all this once i reached my beloved sweet johor :DD

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